The science of MeetingMastery

MeetingMastery is all about factual truth–and how to apply it in real-world communication. Our program developers and facilitators each have decades of experience leading meetings and managing large-scale communications–both public and private–in just about every venue you can image, and they learned a lot along the way. But at MeetingMastery, experience alone isn’t enough. We won’t tell you anything that isn’t at minimum both established and widely accepted by the scientific community at large.

MeetingMastery is a program that is built on proven, peer-reviewed science. Did you know that your audience, no matter how large, or small, or diverse, is already hard-wired to be receptive to specific kinds of learning methodologies? Even so, if you were to ask an individual to describe how he or she learns best, most would have no idea! Fortunately, the science of learning is understood by the scientific community at-large, in addition to thousands of experts in various fields. We’ve condensed that mountain of research and theory into functional knowledge, in order to aid you in becoming an expert communicator.

Developed using scientific principles of active learning, MeetingMastery establishes a practical understanding of human behavior and brain functionality to help you deliver your message in a way that is simple and direct – allowing you to overcome barriers to learning to which your audience may not even be consciously aware. Along with proven facts on the psychological science of how groups learn, we’ll also give you key insights into working with radically strong individual personality types.