MeetingMastery Principles

In the MeetingMastery program, you’ll learn quickly that the best way for people to remember what you say is to make sure that you say it the way your audience needs to hear it. Even if your content isn’t the most exciting, your message can be! Here are just a few principles of MeetingMastery that will make sure you leave a memorable impression on your meeting participants…

It’s NOT about the presenter.  It’s all about THE AUDIENCE. Far too often, meeting leaders make more work for themselves because they ignore the first rule of MeetingMastery. We’ll show you how to take the focus off of YOU, and put participants to work!  You will learn effective methods to keep your audience engaged by keeping them involved.

Meeting leaders are in charge of EVERY detail. A meeting starts long before the microphone is switched on. We’ll show you how to prepare the minds of your participants – beginning with the first correspondence. We’ll also address how proper room setup is a key factor in the success of your meeting, as well as how to provide each event participant a “concierge experience” he or she will remember.

Seeing and hearing is NOT learning. How much of what a person sees or hears can be recalled later?  The answer will astound you.  In fact, the average adult mind, by nature, simply filters out the majority of what it sees and hears.  So, how do you make sure your audience remembers your message?  We’ll show you how to tailor your environment, visual assets, handouts, and presentation style to promote rapid, long-term content retention by your meeting participants.

Personalities dictate communication style. Communication is not a one-style-fits-all practice. Where personalities differ, a communication disconnect can occur– sometimes where you would least expect it. Our program is designed to equip you with a fundamental understanding of how and why certain personalities can require specific approaches to ensure that you get your point across to every individual in your audience.  After attending MeetingMastery, not only will you be able to identify the signs of critical personality differentiators “at-a-glance,” you’ll also be able to adjust your communication style to match them – and make sure that your message is understood.