Say hello to engaging meetings!

A masterclass on how to approach every aspect of meetings…in a way that WORKS.

MeetingMastery is a two-day immersive experience that addresses a common problem: Many people run meetings, but astonishingly few people run them well. After completing MeetingMastery, you’ll be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to significantly up-level your meeting environments, content, and presentation methods in ways that are scientifically proven to increase participant engagement and retention.


Extraordinarily interactive and FUN approach to learning

Highly collaborative and group activity-based environment

Learn evidence-based best practices proven to improve all aspects of your meetings

Understand common tensions in meetings and how to turn them into opportunities

Loads of “Hot Tips” and other best practices sourced from decades of facilitation experience

How to deal with “problem participants” and other potential meeting killers

Opportunities to put everything you learn into immediate practice in a safe, positive environment


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