Who leads MeetingMastery events?

MeetingMastery is a program designed by seasoned, professional communicators–exactly the folks that have the insight and experience to not only lead you through the course content, but answer any of your questions that come up along the way. That’s why the people teaching the course are the same people that helped develop the content. We believe that if you want to teach something, you need to own it first, and that’s why we’re PROUD to present our MeetingMastery event faculty:

Dave Sweet

Although Dave is the founder of MeetingMastery, he also loves the opportunity to lead MeetingMastery workshops when his schedule allows. Bringing together the rare personality combination of being both detail-oriented and people-oriented, Dave’s approach to leading a meeting helps keep the whole group on track without leaving anyone behind. Mr. Sweet has been planning and executing meetings and events for decades, and he has a strong passion for creating meetings that are “not normal” in order to break the chains that diminish audience engagement. Dave says, “If I die tomorrow and MeetingMastery is one of my ‘legacies,’ I am good with that.”

Johnny Sweet

Johnny literally grew up in the training and events industry, as his family’s business has been planning and producing all kinds of meeting experiences for some of the world’s most recognizable companies since 1990. Since 2010, he has helped lead and facilitate scores of meetings and events of all sizes, which has given him a very unique perspective into how various types of participants learn and retain information. As one of the first content developers and facilitators of MeetingMastery, Johnny holds himself to high standards as he helps transform his participants from “presenters” into “meeting leaders” and “facilitators.” When he’s not dreaming up his next big event or facilitating a MeetingMastery workshop, Johnny’s usually at one of two places—his local golf club, or historic downtown Phoenix, with his wife and young boy/girl twins.

Frank Ziede

Frank is a modern renaissance man with a humility that belies a bevy of talents that all add up to one talented presenter. Mr. Ziede (pronounced like ZEE-DEE) graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which no doubt contributed to his artistic talents AND award-winning work as an actor, writer, producer AND director. As if that’s not enough, Frank has worked as a presenter at events for over a decade for brands like SONY, Intel, Dewar’s and Universal Studios–just to name a few. When he’s not presenting for big names or directing award-winning productions, Frank develops training curriculum for brands like MINI, Lexus, Acura and Inifiniti. When it comes to Frank Ziede, well-rounded is just the beginning of his job description.

Steve Wright

Steve has over 10 years of facilitation experience leading seminars, workshops, train-the-trainer events, sales and soft-skills courses, and product knowledge trainings across multiple industries. His natural communication style, ability to quickly adapt to different audiences and content, and acute attention to detail, have made Steve an invaluable asset to the team. After attending the very first MeetingMastery pilot program in 2014, Steve joined automätik and has strived to implement those principles and ethos into every area of his life. Over the past five years, he has worked as a developer, facilitator, and coach for various workshops and training events across the country. This triple threat of raw communication skills, instructional design experience, and one-on-one facilitation coaching, have given Steve the skillset and experience to help lead MeetingMastery to the next level. When Steve is not hard at work developing or training, you can find him with his wife, Hannah, and their three children playing, swimming, running, biking, and eating around Central Phoenix—or wherever their airline miles can take them around the world.

Drew Guenett

Drew is one of those people born with positive vibes flowing his veins. He has channeled that energy into a career as a professional facilitator with 20+ years of leading meetings of every shape and size with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Fueled by a desire to bring out the best in people, Drew taps into his vast experience and marries that with his direct, but fun, style of communication to create a lively and engaging learning environment. A native of Hawaii, and currently a Scottsdale, Arizona resident, Drew’s “happy place” is anywhere with “beach vibes” (which he likes to create anywhere he visits). When not traveling around the U.S. leading workshops, you can find Drew and his wife Jenna hiking the trails of North Scottsdale with their dog Poi Poi (the best dog in the world), lounging in their backyard oasis, or sitting on the shores of Tahiti—an annual trip they take to visit family.

Josh Wight

Josh got his start as a great communicator as a MINI automotive sales advisor where he very quickly rose to the top–just what you would expect from a Suma Cum Laude graduate of Concordia University. In his role as sales advisor, Josh regularly exceeded standards for performance, eventually using his understanding of “the sale” to design a training process that became mandatory for all new sales advisors at his dealership. Rising through the ranks, Mr. Wight soon became an even more successful service advisor, where effective communication skills are critical–in every interaction with the customer. With a keen eye for pinpointing what his audience needs, Josh has been representing brands like MINI, Lexus and Acura at events ranging from soft-skills training to launch events, and everything in-between.